Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies AMBCD2

Title(click to play) Artist Size
Electrical Distributor Neural Rectifier Syndrome 1003k
Beaver Inverter Deviant Species 812k
Equilibrism Deviant Species vs Charasmatix 1000k
Buss Conductor Deviant Species 1200k
In The Midst Of Midi Data Transfer Switch 1600k
Weird Combination Dark Soho 1200k
Mutoid Scorb 884k
Penumbra Shakta 876k
Gyroscopic Force Centrifugal Man 1000k

Ambivalent Records, home to Deviant Species was set up in 2001 with the release of Deviant Species album "The Quest for Balojax". This is the second CD release of the label.

Artists featuring in this compilation :::

1: Neural Rectifier Syndrome is South London based dj and producer Lek who has been holed up in his attic studio making tunes for the last three years and producing various other artists. "Electrical Distributor" is his first release under this name, a strong tune full of hard percussive hooks and dark textures , more releases will follow soon with Lek set to collaborate with some highly established UK trance acts.

2/4: Deviant Species have been pushing their brand of UK psy trance for the the past 5 years, having released several 12" and 2 albums "Hatch" and "The Quest For Balojax" to wide critical acclaim, they now offer us some tasty new treats in the form of 'Beaver Inverter' and 'Buss Conductor'.

3: Charasmatix are the Berlin trio who having provided us with some fine trance moments, team up with the deviants for a reworking of the classic "Equilibrism".

5: "In The Midst Of Midi". Data Transfer Switch is West London based Frank Yallop, an incredibly talented young producer with a wide spectrum of material, and planned new releases with Ambivalent in July, he is currently abroad resting after a bizarre gardening accident.

6: "Weird Combination". Dark Soho are creating storms on dancefloors all around the world. They have been widely acclaimed for their powerful and energetic live sets, their music is a sinister fusion of pulsating rythms and synthetic soundscapes.

7: "Mutoid". Ady Connor is the man behind Scorb from Leicester UK, whose 'full on' psychedelic mayhem has brought a fantastic response from all. His music takes hold of you for a twisted journey with no holds barred. This is the first release with other tracks soon to follow, look out, Ady is tipped for big things.

8: "Penumbra". Seb Taylor, the man behind Shakta needs no introduction, the seminal psy trance master has played the world over, with a string of classic albums under his belt he is surely one of the most respected sonic manipulators that UK has ever produced.

9: "Gyroscopic Force". Centrifugal Man is one of the most mysterious of the artists signed to Ambivalent. Cauldron du Sycobitz is a semi reclusive who spends his time between his native land of Andorra and Sweden, hence his unusual Scandorran sound. Cauldron gets the ideas for his music while high at the weekends, his sound has been described as dark and disturbing with an emotional edge. Also look out for his forthcoming ep from his side project "The Andorra's Strain"


Shangri-la-la magazine
This is the second release by this UK-based label after the last Deviant Species album. A compilation that provides us with a fresh selection of world quality psy-trance tunes. Deviant Species make two appearances, my favourite "Beaver Inverter", an excellent production of mind-bending hypnotic trance. Shakta then provides us with a tribal screwdriver in the shape of "Penumbra", one of the stand out tracks, Charasmatix vs Deviant Species 'Equilibrium II', a full power psychedelic monster, just the way we like it. Next up, Dark Soho's "Weird Combination", a hard hitting techno edge track with a dark twist in true Dark Soho style. Other artists to choose from are Scorb, Centrifugal Man and Neural Rectifier Syndrome. All in all a good compilation, with a sound all its own, highly recommended for those with creeping ambivalent tendencies

. May 2002
London's Ambivalent Records, home to Deviant Species, has turned out a moody compilation reminiscent of B-Movie Sci-Fi backdrops. Neural Rectifier's Electrical Distributor has a funky feel, a deep bass and tight percussion, keeping things going to an understated yet effective breakdown where a moody pad comes in over the top of an industrial, desolate groove and (gasp) snare rolls. Deviant Species "Beaver Inverter" keeps in with the B-Movie theme, with industrial-tinged percussion and a mechanoid flavour. Flavour of the month Charasmatix team up with Deviant Species on Equilibrism II, a dark and mesmerising tune that hooks you into the middle of it, with a tantalising high-end and a kick that eats you for breakfast. Dark Soho's "Weird Combination" is an awkward, uncomfortable tune which might be the intention. Scorb's Mutoid is again all part of this B-Movie mayhem, but represents the point where the Godzilla comes for his dinner, or the 50 foot woman has PMTEit's angry, darkly pitched and peaks just right. Electric guitar stabs and nice acidic flurries make for a very textured and enjoyable romp, and it's final peak is an awesome example of full on mayhem at its finest. Shakta's bouncy Penumbra is pleasant and disturbing in equal measures, a blistering acid line providing the flesh and blood over a neatly percussive skeleton. Closing the album, Centrifugal Man's Gyroscopic Force is a spooky, ghost-house exile that sets out to disturb and manages to do so rather admirably. A compilation that for the dark atmospheric stuff can't really be beaten.

Implant magazine UK
Deviant Species own label Ambivalent Records releases its first compilation, called "Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies", it has nine tracks from artists old and new. As well as Deviant Species you can expect tracks from Neural Rectifier Syndrome, Charasmatix, Data Transfer, Dark Soho, Shakta, Centrifugal Man and a name to look out for in the future Scorb. This is another collection of tracks that veer towards the darker side of things, more sounds from of the side of life I dwell and glorify in so much, it's certainly not one for the children at Sunday school. Sometimes things got a little sparse for my tastes, but "less is more" I was once told by a happy friend of mine, hmmmm I do hope so. The least you can do is check it out and see for yourselves. Those Deviant Species deserve at least that much from you and who knows you might find these tendencies to your liking. Top creepers for me were "Gyroscopic Force", "Weird Combination", "Penumbra" and "Mutoid", not a bad way to start your compilation factory off, scary tunes for scary people. FF

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