Deviant Species

Deviant Species a.k.a. Santos De Castro
was formed in 1997. The first EP release 'Blind Summit' attracted much attention and secured Deviant Species a place in the South Africa 2000 Millennium festival where it billed along the main names in the Psy Trance scene at the time.

After 4 succesful EP releases the internationally acclaimed first album 'Hatch' came out.

One year later Deviant Species founded Ambivalent Records with the release of its second album 'The Quest for Balojax' (2001) which established the act as one of the luminaires of the genre.
In 2004 the much anticipated 3rd album 'In The Hands of the Randomiser' came out which received rave reviews all over the world.

New Deviant Species tracks will feature in the Ambivalent Rec forthcoming compilations AMBCD7 Further Ambivalent Tendencies & AMBCD9. He's currently working on an album with Ady (Scorb) under the name Squid Inc.

Santos was born in the Basque Country. Initially a drummer, he took permament residence in London in the 90's where he joined industrial band Pig playing as the opening band for Nine Inch Nails in their Downward the Spiral tour.

Deviant Species discography in chronological order:

Zerotonin Records:

ZERO001 'Blind Summit' / 'Heaven's Gate Away Team' (1997)
ZERO002 'Wind Generator' / 'Deviant Sopecies' (1998)
ZERO003 'AYM' / 'AYM' remix (1999)
ZERO004 'Jughead' / 'Bilboan Trance'(1999)

ZEROCD1 'Hatch' (2000)

Tracks in compilations:

  • 'Bilboan Trance' Mac Alien remix in Sphere 'Orbis' compilation (2000)
  • 'Intruder' (Wrong Building remix) in South Africa 2000 compilation (2001)
  • 'Carrier' in Alchemy Records 'Electrum' compilation (2001)
  • 'Shock Hazzard' as Archfiends Rites of Equinox in 'Electrum' compilation (2001)
  • 'Negative Gain' as GMT in Sphere 'Chapel Perilous' compilation (2001)

    Ambivalent Records:

    AMBCD1 'The Quest for Balojax' (2001)

    Tracks in compilations:
    AMBCD2 'Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies' (2002)
    'Beaver Inverter'
    'Equilibrium 2' (vs Charasmatix)
    'Buss Conductor'
    'Gyroscopic Force' as Centrifugal Man

    AMBCD3 'Significant Elf Proclivity' (2002)
    'Enter Domestos' as Floor Assignment (vs Rinkadink)
    'Lapa Incordio' (Santos vs Rinkadink)
    'Goon' as Unsound System (Santos vs Shift)

    AMBCD6 'In The Hands of the Randomiser' (2004)

    AMBCD7 'Further Ambivalent Tendencies' (soon to be released in Ambivalent) features also the new Deviant Species/Scorb project 'Squid Inc'.

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