Title(click to play) Artist Size
Balojax Deviant Species 511k
Druidic Endeavours Deviant Species 657k
The Forge Deviant Species 584k
Carrier Deviant Species 584k
Spiritual Beings In Fluro Shirts Deviant Species 657k
Geb The Cackler Deviant Species 584k
Locust Deviant Species 803k
I Squid Deviant Species 730k

If you still don't know these guys, Deviant Species are musicians/producers Paul Wright and Santos de Castro who wrote their first track "Blind Summit" back in 1997. Their first efforts reflected their previous punk, grunge & industrial band exploits.

After releasing 4 EP's and their debut album "Hatch" last year they are putting out a second one on their own label now renamed Ambivalent Records.

Whereas their first album "Hatch" was showing their transition between Goa and present Psy Trance as it was mainly made of mixes of their previous 12" releases, their new one 'The Quest for Balojax', written in the last year and recorded again at their Warlock Studio is a much more current sounding work. Their sound still looming dark but relentlessly delivering pumping beats, very tightly structured & superbly produced. There are no slack moments in this offering, all the 8 tracks will prompt you to dance whilst keeping you interested with their offbeat fx, eerie melodies & atmospheres, it excels both at the dancefloor and off-the-floor listening.

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