In The Hands Of The Randomiser AMBCD6

Title(click to play) Artist Size
Voice of Thard Deviant Species 1995k
Pincushion Man Deviant Species 1995k
Shellless Deviant Species 2315k
Thermal Boundaries Deviant Species 1940k
The Retinal Circus Deviant Species 1954k
In The Hands of the Randomiser Deviant Species 1961k
A Night To Dismember Deviant Species 2189k
Portal to Balojax Deviant Species 2164k
The Entrapment of John Dory Resistant Deviant Species 2158k

From the Warlock studios comes the long-awaited album by Deviant Species. No need for introductions, once more you will be treated to 9 quality-consistent cuts of dark & minimal psychedelia for the blackest hours of the night.
In this 3rd album installment by Deviant Species the band is now only made up of Santos De Castro with collaborations with ex-Deviant Species Paul Konrad Wright (now of N.R.S. fame) and ground-breaking producer Ady Connor from Scorb.
The atmosphere prevailing here is hard, with tinges of industrial and ambient intros and outros that cross-over giving the album a continuous flow.
It all kicks off with "Voice of Thard" a chugging and spatial number that builds up to a ripping chorus. "Pincushion Man" continues with galloping intensity where Thard left off moving relentlessly to a climatic final before "Shellless" ebbs in soothingly with an overture of peerless gothic beauty. The tight pulse is quickly restored leading to a frantic groove that allows you to breathe with its interspersed waves of noise. On a slightly softer tip "Thermal Boundaries" follows with an infectious beat that gradually gathers momentum to trancing-out effect. In a similar rolling yet relaxed vein enters "The Retinal Circus", which has been doing the bootlegged rounds in an earlier unfinished version titled "The Abyss".To follow "In The Hands of the Randomiser" is the first collaboration between Deviant Species & Scorb, a powerful track that starts with an industrial soundscape and steamrolls forward into a roaring pay-off. For the darkest hour "A Night to Dismember" brings the proceedings to total mayhem before the forces of light emerge. "Portal to Balojax" is a 3 minute plus unwinding ambient piece and serves as a prologue to "The Entrapment of John Dory", the only morning track in the album and the second Deviant Species vs Scorb outing, a delicate cut destined to be a classic.

This is without doubt the best Deviant Species effort to date and one of the Psy Trance key releases of the year. A gem of dark and pounding psychedelia. DJ Chris Fader

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