Scorb AMBCD5

Title(click to play) Artist Size
Special Liquid Scorb 493k
13.5 Hours Scorb 532k
The Aquarium Scorb 208k
Oracle Scorb 532k
Mutoid Scorb 532k
Drum War Scorb 532k
Klangman Scorb 380k
Metabolic Activity Scorb 349k
Psycore Scorb 349k
Stupid Science Scorb 349k

Deep within the terraced streets of Leicester UK pulses the psychedelic heartbeat of Scorb aka Ady Connor. Ambivalent Records are proud to present his first album. No stranger to the psychedelic scene, Ady has already had a number of tracks released on Ambivalent compilations including a remix of Deviant Species' Beaver Inverter. He also has a reputation as a seamless psychedelic DJ and has been involved in many musical projects including Lysurge DJz (Two DJ's, two mixers, three decks and FX). In his debut album, simply entitled "Scorb", Ady has shown us that he has a love and knowledge of true psychedelic composition and has treated this album not as 10 separate tracks, but as a full 75 minute journey that explores intricately the depths of sound. Scorb sends spikes into the subconscious that relentlessly uncover all that it contains. We start our journey with the eerie "Special Liquid" and quickly begin to glide through the psychedelic genres. We enter the swirling paranoia of "13.5 hours" (that's how long it took to write) and are then immersed in "The Aquarium", an original arrangement of a classical track all will recognise. We then rise into the break driven melodies of "Oracle" and are launched into the relentless cyberfuture of "Mutoid" - many may recognise this track as it has been heavily bootlegged but this extended version has had a rinse out and contains some fresh surprises. We now go deep into "Drum War", a dark techno battle with a hard groove, clashing FX and pounding percussion. The pace quickens with "Klangman" as we are taken higher and higher into the concentrated insanity of "Metabolic Activity". The penultimate track is Psycore and it does what it says, full on psychedelic hardcore that will make you RAVE. At the end of our journey we are pounced on by the massive onslaught of "Stupid Science", a real dancefloor killer that is absolutely bonkers from start to finish! "Scorb" is going to be the must have album of 2003 for both DJ's and music lovers alike and as time will show will have a shelf life that far exceeds the throw away attitude of today's generation. Scorb sounds fresh now and will continue to sound fresh in the future, such is the talent behind it.

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