Significant Elf Proclivity AMBCD3

Title(click to play) Artist Size
Enter Domestos Floor Assignment 268k
Balojax (RMX) Rinkadink remixes Deviant Species 196k
Oxygen Shift 264k
Thwack THOD 228k
Lunaris Scorb 276k
Bizarre Gardening Incident Neural Rectifier Syndrome 256k
Lapa Incordio Deviant Species 284k
Freakem Shift 300k
Goon Unsound System 204k

Artists featured on this compilation :::

1: "Enter domestos" is the first release by Floor Assignment (Pipin O'Maera / Dab Sdelphanes), sure to be winner on the dance floor. Obscure vocal samples abound with some nice ethereal pads in the first break. The tune really gets going at this point, constantly shifting around, a very hypnotic number indeed. The track has been made at the illustrious Warlock Studio of Ambivalent Records.

2: Rinkadink, South Africa's new rising star has to be one of the most inovative producers to emerge in recent times. His slick production style sound has been drawing attention from around the globe. Currently living in London and producing some killer psy tracks this summer under a variety of guises he has remixed the classic Deviant Species tune "Balojax"

3/8: Shift (Chris Hoy) is programming genius, and Timecode records co-owner, Chris Hoy whose basslines and dense insidious textures have been driving dancefloors crazy. Two tracks are on offer here, the anthemic "Oxygen" is a beautiful tune with a haunting melody that comes in half way through with some mad vocal samples and the frantic brain assault of 'Freakem' both sure to be caned on the dancefloor.

4: THOD (The Harbingers of Doom) are Guf Purstaad (cousin of one of the deviant boys) and Werner Van Jaasveld (Rinkadink) whith their first release under this name entitled "Thwack". A massive kik starts off this track interweaving with shuffling loops and infectious acid noises. This a superbly produced tune full of hard percussive hooks and dark industrial textures. Expect to hear this caned to death this winter.

5: For the second time Ady Connor returns as SCORB to give us his full-on demented take on psy trance. This is a beautifully haunting track with a very spacey feel to it. This will surely help to boost his reputation as one of the most innovative young producers to emerge in this year on the scene. Great things are to come from this man. An Scrorb album is scheduled for release early next year on Ambivalent records.

6: Neural Rectifier Syndrome ( Lek / Max Broadbent) return with their second offering "Bizarre Gardening Incident" this time Lek, the mysterious English producer has been joined by trance's man in the iron mask Max Broadbent, an engineer fast making a name for himself on the UK club scene. This is an electrically charged monster of a tune with a fat rolling bassline that comes in after the disturbing vocal of the first breakdown. Chunky percussion and shimmering hats interweave with creaky sound effects to make this a killer tune and a must have in any Dj's box.

7: Deviant Species (DS / Vana) , the seminal exponents of anglo basque trance have been consistently delivering the goods for the past 4 years. The tune on offer "Lapa Incordio" is a twisted and highly polished number full of unexpected twists, a natural progression from the last years groundbreaking album "The Quest For Balojax".

9: "Goon" is the much anticipated release of Jax (Cauldron du Sycobitz aka Centruifugal Man) and Roger Delaphonsoe (son of the actress Negadita Ramourez) as Unsound System, is a huge track of epic proportions, very slick and groovy. An excellent song to finish this compilation that has brought on near religious experiences in some listeners.

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